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Whatever your requirements and budget, we can provide an ISDN interview
system that's easy to use and makes you instantly available to radio stations.
Our professional systems are designed and specified by broadcast
engineers to offer you the best quality and value.

on-air ISDN interview system

Some examples of our ISDN codec systems

Each of our ISDN Radio Interview Systems is specified to your exact requirements. We'll help you choose the type of equipment that suits your needs and will function best in the space and environment in which it will be installed. Because of this highly individual approach, you'll need to contact us if you want pricing information... you'll see below some examples of available systems and guide prices.

Corporate radio interview system
Our most popular style of interview system and ideal where you plan to have your ISDN system in a dedicated room or in an existing meeting room or boardroom. Self-install or available with our full installation service. See also: optional accessories below.
Corporate Interview System
  Price guide:   From  £2,250   (Euro €3,375)
Portable radio interview system
Compact Laptop-based ISDN interview system with professional quality headset. Can be installed in your existing Laptop computer, or available as a complete system including Laptop PC.
Portable Interview System
  Price guide:   From  £980   (Euro €1,480)
Complete ISDN Interview studio
For busier company press offices and interview facilities, where your system will be in more regular use, we offer our Corporate Interview System together with a range of studio furniture including acoustically treated studio tables, equipment cabinets, operators chairs and script-stands.
Full ISDN Interview Studio
  Price guide:   From  £3,580   (Euro €5,200)
ISDN AudioTX Communicator
For very tight budgets and systems that will only see very light use, we can supply the AudioTX Communicator system, including a professional headset and ISDN adaptor. This system can be installed in a standard desktop PC running Windows 2000 or XP.
Economy system
  Price guide:   From  £950   (Euro €1,425)
ISDN Interview Codec installation
All of our systems can be fully installed for you by our broadcast engineering team. Installations normally take less than a day and include a basic usage tutorial for key users, and test connections (mock ISDN Radio interviews).
Installation Service
ISDN Codec accessories
All of our systems are designed to fit your exact requirements. We can specify your system with recording facilities so you can keep a copy of your interviews - we have systems that use cassette, minidisc or CD. We can also include extra microphones, or pairs of headphones, studio furniture, script stands, acoustic treatment of the interview room. Please ask for more details.
Optional accessories



More Information?
For more information, please do take a look through the information on this site and/or contact us directly - we're always happy to advise and talk you through the different types of equipment available that will meet your needs.




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