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Guide to ISDN Interview systems

Having an ISDN system in your company offices or even at home makes you instantly available to radio stations anywhere in the world. When you need to do an interview, the broadcaster simply dials your system and you can be on-air in seconds - the listener hears the same high-quality they would if you were in the studio. It saves time and money in travelling for you, and makes you a more attractive interviewee to the radio station - they can get you quickly and know that they won't have to do a poor quality telephone interview.

In this section, we have provided answers to some of the questions we get asked most often, but please do contact us if you need to know more.

So what exactly is an ISDN interview system?

The simplest way to explain it is to say it's like a very high-quality telephone. An ISDN interview system consists of a small amount of specialised broadcast equipment which allows a radio station to connect to you in full studio quality via a standard ISDN line. You speak to them through the system's microphone (much like the one you'd use if you visited their studios) and listen to the interviewer through a pair of headphones.

How big are your systems and what do they look like?

All of our systems are small and inobtrusive - they can be placed in the corner of an office or meeting room, or can be installed in a dedicated room set aside for the purpose. They comprise a small amount of audio equipment (like a mini-hifi), a microphone on a tabletop or anglepoise stand, one or more pairs of headphones, and optionally a recorder or logger. You can see some pictures of systems that we sell on the 'Example systems and pricing' page of this site.

Who has and uses systems like these?

Nowadays most company press offices will have at least one system. Some also install the equipment in the homes of key spokespersons or managers so that they can be available for interview on the most listened to early morning radio programmes, or out of hours. Many professional interviewees (experts on given subjects) also have a system so that they can be available to news and talks programmes, but don't spend half of their lives in their cars! Most politicians, PR agencies, government departments, local authorities, charities, trade organisations and lobby groups have one too.

Do I have to be trained to use the system?

No! All of our systems are easy to use. In most cases, switch it on and you are ready to go. If we install your system for you, our installation engineer will conduct a basic usage tutorial with you and demonstrate your system to you with a mock interview. We even provide a 'broadcaster information sheet' with every system - this is a single page containing all information and specifications for your system that you can just fax to the radio station before your interview to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Again, this is just one of our small touches that you (and the radio stations you appear on) will appreciate!

What do I need apart from the system itself?

You will need an ISDN line - these are available from most telephone companies and are only slightly more expensive than an ordinary phone line. In most countries, calls cost the same as an equivalent phone call, though normally a radio station will call you in any case.

How do I decide which room to put the system in?

You should choose a room that is fairly quiet, and where people are not likely to walk in in the middle of an interview. It is best to avoid rooms where there is a lot of noise (for example, traffic outside, noisy air-conditioning systems, background music or a lot of other people) if possible. A room that is carpeted or has some soft furnishings is an advantage as it offers better 'studio' acoustic properties. If we install your system for you, our engineers can advise on whether you should fit acoustic tiles to the walls for the best quality - and we can install these for you also during our visit.

Can I record my interviews so I can listen back later, or to keep a record for legal reasons?

Yes. We can specify systems that offer recording on Cassette, MiniDisc or CD.

Are the systems portable?

We can supply portable systems, however if you are unlikely to need to move the equipment, we'd normally recommend a fixed system for the best quality and ease of use.

Do you hire equipment?

Yes, if you have a product launch or event and want to make your spokespersons available live for local, national and international radio interviews we can provide a system together with an engineer to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Do you service/repair ISDN systems?

Yes we can advise on this and arrange for repairs of your existing system if necessary.


More Information?
For more information, please do take a look through the information on this site and/or contact us directly - we're always happy to advise and talk you through the different types of equipment available that will meet your needs.




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